Tonight’s dinner, was AWESOME!  I had no idea what we were going to have this morning, and those of you who know me, know, I gotta plan things out!  Anyhow, with the great weather today, I thought a BBQ Burger dinner would be great.  As you know Craig doesn’t eat red meat, so I used Ground Turkey instead of Beef. Below is the “recipe” I used:
            1.5 lbs Ground Turkey
            1 med onion, finely minced
            3 eggs
            1 pkg Dry Guacamole mix
            Panko, enough to “firm up” the mix
            Buns (enough for patties)
Mix all the mixture together, form into patties, and refrigerate to keep firm.  Heat BBQ on high to sear the burgers.  Once the burger are on the BBQ, turn the heat down and cook until completely done (160F).  Place cheese, and leave on BBQ until melted. Lightly butter buns and place on grill, NOT over direct heat.