While I haven’t been posting much lately, rest assured I am still cooking.  And I’m making plans for a lot of posts this coming year.  But I thought I’d update you all with what’s been going on in my life.
It’s funny the path life takes you.  In my career I’ve pursued  the career fields of chef, pastry chef, deli manager, district manager, grocery manager, store manager, and most recently a position in Receiving, not to mention my budding catering business.  After a couple of years in that position, I was approached to see if I was interested in becoming a Cheese Master at the Murray’s Cheese location at the store where I was working.  An opportunity like this doesn’t come along often, and I just couldn’t pass up such great position. 
Murray’s New York

After evaluating what the position entailed, I realized that this position would be close to what I was doing when I was happiest in my career.  That being said, I was selected for this position, but was asked to lead the shop at the new location being built a few blocks away.  I jumped at the chance to work in a new store, and lead a team of passionate people, selling cheese and high end food products.

The Cheese counter at Murray’s New York


For those of you who don’t know what Murray’s Cheese shop is, click on the link to be directed to their website.  But to detail how I will be involved, here goes.  Murray’s is a landmark destination in Greenwich Village store in New York.  Kroger entered an agreement to place Murray’s location within their operations throughout the US.  In February, Seattle Fred Meyer (a division of Kroger) will get its first Murray’s Cheese shop at the Newly remodeled Greenwood location.  
What the Murray’s Cheese Shop will look like at Greenwood Fred Meyer


In addition to this exciting news, some of you might remember that with the extra time I had, I took on another job last October (2011), merchandising sunglasses.  Since it was a job where I work at my own pace, set my own hours and with my partner, Craig headed to Vietnam for the month of March, I knew I needed a little more to keep myself occupied while he was away.  So I inquired about a position merchandising cookie and cracker products in grocery stores, within the area. I had intended to quit at the end of March, but time got away, and a little extra money is always nice.  Fast forward to December, and I’m still working 3 jobs, and my catering business.  With the new position at work, I have finally quit the merchandising job to focus more on my health, homelife and happiness.
2013 is the year of me.  Not selfishly, just taking a year for better health, working out and eating better.  More time with my partner, and spending more time on what I enjoy, cooking and writing this blog.
This is my commitment, to myself, to ensure that I post on this blog weekly, either what I’m cooking, selling or seeing.  Here’s an exciting new year!