I get asked often, “why don’t you post more”? Well, folks, here’s the truth, I make dinner every night. Of those meals I make, 4-5 of them are new recipes, 2 are salads and I allow Craig to choose a great dinner he enjoys. So you think, wow he should be posting 4-5 recipes a week? Fact of the matter is I take pictures of everything I make, during the recipe an after its finished. But the sad part is, most of those recipes are duds. For some reason or another they just don’t work out. Example tonight we had feta stuffed chicken breasts with Greek potatoes. I was really looking forward to this dinner and a great post. When we sat down and took our first bites, and were both like “eewe”. So that’s that. I’m constantly working on posts, and life seems like all research for my blog, everything can’t be perfect.

I’ll keep testing recipes, but rest assured that the recipes I make and post are tried and true. And they will be meals (or treats) that you will enjoy!!