A day at the beach……One thing I love to do is head for the beach, every chance I get.  So recently, when my partner, Craig and I had a day off together, we decided to pack a lunch, grab the leash and head for the closest island!  (We live in the Puget Sound area, so islands, while not tropical, are not that far off)


As you can see from the picture our dog, Zoey joined us on our journey to Whidbey Island’s great Double Bluff Beach.  It’s an “off leash” park, so she was really able to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the beach.


Craig loves to search of seashells, so I was excited to find this little gem!




After our walk to the end of the beach and back we decided to enjoy our picnic.  For our lunch, I made a Turkey and Smoked Gouda sandwich on Ciabatta roll, with a “quick” pasta salad.




Quick Pasta Salad




Need something for lunch, or a last minute picnic?  Here is what I make whenever I need to make an unplanned side dish.




8 oz Pasta ( I used leftover stars, but any kind can be used)


¼ Cup pre-julienned Carrots


¼ Cup red pepper, julienned


¼-½  cucumber, peeled and deseeded


⅓ Cup Salad Dressing (I didn’t measure, and I used a sundried tomato vinaigrette)


¼ Cup Crumble or shredded cheese (optional, I used feta)




While the pasta is boiling, get the vegetables ready.  When the pasta is done, rinse in cold water.  Then add all vegetables to pasta, and toss with salad dressing.