Curry in a hurry?
Yup that’s what I said.  One of my best friends turned me on to curry on a visit to her and her new husband in Kelowna Canada, quite a few years back.  While she was making dinner I took note of what she was putting in the pan.  I was able to recreate it when I got home.  I usually make curry from scratch (fresh cut veggies, etc….) but when I’m in a hurry, I make this version.
2-3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, sliced
1 32 oz bag of mixed frozen vegetable (you choose which variety you want)
1 lg can cream of mushroom soup
Powdered curry (or I used Golden Curry.  It comes in a brick that you chop and melt)
Sauté Chicken until completely cooked.  
Add frozen veggies, soup and curry power to taste.  (I usually go heavy on the curry.)
Mix together and allow to simmer to meld together for a few minutes.  
Serve over rice.