How to chop a Bell Pepper

Having watched several people in the kitchen, from neighbor to friends to family cook, I’ve always wanted to show people how to do a few things, in a positive way, of course.   

Several years back I was watching a TV show (I think it was Yan Can Cook), that the chef was chopping a green pepper.  This was so impressionable on me that I still cut peppers this same way.  Here is my interpretation of a classic TV show: 

Step 1: Slice off the top and bottom of the bell pepper.


Set aside top and bottom, you just cut off.


Step Two: Cut the core out of the top and bottom of the bell pepper



Step three: Slice down one side of the bell pepper and remove all of the unusable insides and seeds, discard.


Step four: Lay the bell pepper out flat…..


Step five: Lay out knife flat and run it along the “meat of the pepper and slice off the “white pith”.  This will allow the bell pepper to lay out flat.


Step six: slice the bell pepper into strips.  Cut the strips into the width desired.  At this point you can have Julienne strips.  If you’d like diced or chopped, continue to step seven.



Step seven: Turn the sliced bell peppers sideways, and slice into the desired width.
Final Product, Diced bell peppers.